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Re: Samsung Laptop

You were lucky not to get one I got one online black friday weekend it was not what i paid for the laptop had two hard drives adding up to 575 gb not the on  one 640 gb as promised it also did not come with the 4 in 1 media reader installed as promised. So who knows how many other people have this unit not knowing they were ripped off I complained and the tech guys tried to tell me that the start up programs  were eating up the drive space and why it was just 575 gb and not 640 gb. I said stop the lies that is not what I paid for so they ordered a replacement after my complaint now today to my suprise they have charged me two times now over drawing my bank account. this is worst than poor customer service  I was passed around to three different people with 20 min. wait  for each one now I need them  to fix the extra charge and my guess is the reordered laptop is still not going to be what I paid for. So be glad you did not get to buy one yet.