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Sale end for X83Vb-X1

i am looking at buying this computer from bestbuy ( and it's currently going for $650 because it has a $200 sale on it. but i cant find when the sale ends because i dont kno when i can buy it, can some one inform me when it should be ending?
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Re: Sale end for X83Vb-X1

Hey deathresiste,

Best Buy’s sale prices are generally valid for one full week, running from Sunday through the following Saturday. Occasionally though both our stores and will feature special offers that are only valid for one or two days, such those that were advertised in our Thanksgiving Day sales flyer. As long as there is no information present that indicates a product is part of a limited-time-only promotion, it’s generally safe to assume that the sale price will be valid until the end of the week.

Hope this helps you out!

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