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SSD heatsink

Just bought an SSD without a heatsink and I was wondering if it'd void the warranty if I added one to it? Or should I return this one and buy one with a heatsink already attached?
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Re: SSD heatsink

Adding unauthorized items may void the warranty and will certainly void your ability to return the item. I would consult with the manufacturer first and see what they have to say. Be aware if they say you can add one and something goes wrong with the advice you took, the item would not be returnable. You would have to go through the manufacturer to get a replacement. 

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Re: SSD heatsink

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Hi Kurasume. Thanks for stopping by our community forums. I would recommend if possible buying an SSD that has the features you're looking for. As hockeycanuckjc pointed out, many manufacturer's warranty may be voided if the unit it altered in any way. You may reach out to the manufacturer directly to ask those specific questions, in order to be on the safe side.



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Re: SSD heatsink

maybe not the best option but I would return the SSD and get one with a heat sink if you think it will be an issue. Which it generally will only be an issue if your a gamer or working a lot with photo/video/ or lots of data transfer.


On that note. I have a pair of Samsung 970 Evo 1TB SSD's in my computer and I can be a heavy gamer.  I have never had an issue with them.


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