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(SKU N5R46UA#ABA) Star Wars Hp Laptop Editon Back Lights

How can we control the back lights on the Star Wars HP?



I noticed that when i am using soly the battery, it automaticaly turns off. (which is sometimes when I need backlights)


I also don't want them on in broad daylight.


For example, i am at a cafe, obviously i could cut down on power consumption.



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Re: (SKU N5R46UA#ABA) Star Wars Hp Laptop Editon Back Lights

They woudl be set to  automaticaly turn off when ont the batter specidically to save power.


You should be able to acces your power settings to adjust this. Use the Windows search for CHANGE POWER SAVING OPTIONS  or something like that.


Howerver, you may find if you do have it leave the lights on you may find your battery time will be significaly reduced.

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