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Router options

I recently purchased an amazon firestick and want advice about what router I need in order to keep up. I have a ps4 which was use for gaming and such, plus the firestick and share wifi with 3 phones normally in the house....occasionally we use the tablet or laptop. Now In order to get them best possible use out of our firestick what affordable router should we be using
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Re: Router options

Do you know the speed of your internet connection? It would be important to first determine if the problem keeping up is caused by your current wireless router or your internet connection. You can go to or any other speed test website to determine your connection speed.

As far as routers go, the biggest thing to look for would be the surface area that the router needs to cover.

The NETGEAR - Wireless-AC1750 ( ) would be a good mid range router that will handle most of your traffic. It will also support QoS (Quality of Service) which will allow you to set devices to get priority over others. For example, the PS4 could be set to maximize performance whenever online games are being played.

You will then want to place the router in a central location so that the signal can reach all of the devices. If there are deadspots or you need a stronger signal in certain rooms, you can get a wireless extender device which will extend the wireless signal.

The Netgear Nighthawk R7300DST router ( ) comes with a DST (Dead Spot Terminator) adapter which only needs to be connected to the same fuse box as the main router to extend your wireless signal. This specific router also comes with online support to get it set up and configured.
This is a more high end router and will provide an even stronger signal with an increased coverage area due to the DST/extender.

If you can provide a better description of the house and where/how far all of the devices are going to be from the router, I can probably provide additional recommendations. You really wouldn't want to go lower than the first router I mentioned as it sounds like your internet connection is used fairly regularly by multiple devices.
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Re: Router options

Deusexmachina gives the same route of advice I would have given you.


I have a Netgear AC1900 and it is fabulous.  With this router my daughter can be out in the front yard with her iPad and still have a good connection.


However, on the part of the PS4, if at all possible hard wire that direcly into the router. Almost always without fail you will see a performance increase when directly connected.



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