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Refund apple ipad

Hi I am trying to figure what is going on with my refund because my package was delayed and it came they next day at a time I wasn't home so the iPad was stolen I contacted Best Buy through chat support they said they processing my refund and 10-15 days I will get something back that was January 11. Today I asked again about my refund and apparently it was never processed and they processed it on January 20 I just need to know what is going on and if I'm actually getting my money back.

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Re: Refund apple ipad

An iPad is a very expensive high dollar item which almost any retailer takes seriously when it comes to packages like this lost. Typically an investigation is done on Best Buy's end and if they determine it was delivered properly, you would not get a refund and you should have received an email stating that and to contact law enforcement for your stolen merchandise. 


if you have not obtained a refund yet this could very well be the case. A Best Buy mod may be able to chime in more about your specific case. 

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Re: Refund apple ipad

Hello, Tay1.


Thank you for reaching out to us via Forums about your situation with your package. Making sure everything goes great during your delivery is very important and I understand your frustration with your situation. I would like to reach out and provide support for your situation and see what is happening. When you get the chance, please reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number. Once we have your information we can go into more detail there. in addition please do note that I am leaving the office for the weekend, but I will be back on Tuesday to provide support. Please let us know soon. 


Thank you,


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