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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

My Printer says it is offline but it has been working fine before that.  Do not understand all off a sudden it says offline. Can u let me know how to fix hopefully permanently.   Thank you for help.

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

Hey rideout!

Over the years I've bounced back and forth between HP, Canon, and Epson printers, and each had their own "quirks" that I had to adapt to over time. In my experience, when a printer goes "offline" it either loses its connection with the Internet, the computer, or both.

What kind of printer (make & model) do you have, and how is it connected to your device (USB or Wi-Fi)? What are you trying to print, and how/with what program?

Usually a simple restart can fix the problem, but it's not always a permanent solution. Let me know the above information, and I'll do my best to help troubleshoot.

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

Thank you responing to my inquiry about printer offline.  My printer is 2270DW Model and Make Brother


Sincerely  Don

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

The following information was copied from the Brother printer website.

If the printer driver does not set "default printer", you can not print. Make sure your Brother machine is default printer. If your brother machine is not default printer, set it as default printer.

Open the printer folder and verify the check mark is on your Brother machine.
(Windows® XP)
Click Start => Printers and Faxes

(Windows Vista®)
Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Printers

(Windows® 7)
Click Start => Devices and Printers

(Windows® 8 or later)
Open the Control Panel.
Click Hardware and Sound => Devices and Printers.

(Windows® XP and Windows Vista®)
Double click on the icon for your Brother machine and choose Printer => Cancel All Documents.
(Windows® 7 or later)
Right click on the icon for your Brother machine => See what's printing => Printer => Cancel All Documents
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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

My printer is a HP3700.