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Re: Hard Drive password protected on Toshiba Satellite

I have the same issue with my Toshiba Satellite M305 (old, I know, but I needed a temporary backup computer).  In my attempt to "hack" my Vista login, I somehow created a hard drive password but now I can't remember what it is.  I have a 24/7 Full Support Geek Squad Subscription that could have taken care of my Vista login without any charge and in just minutes but when the Hard Drive password popped up, I was duly informed I had two choices:  remember the password or reformat the hard drive and lose everything to include my OS.  I'm not reformatting because I have literally thousands of pictures of my daughter from infancy to the age of 8 on here and I'm not about to lose those.  Hoping to find that "master password" but I can't even unscrew my hard drive to find out what kind it is to google it....and I'm pretty sure the specs for such an old computer are long gone from online anywhere that I would be able to find.  Whatever I do has to be hand jammed because I'm down to an iPad now for productivity and that gives severely limited functionality.



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Re: Hard Drive password protected on Toshiba Satellite

You could attempt to take the hard drive out of the unit, purchase a USB enclosure and have access to your files that way. 


Geek Squad can also offer you Data Recovery / Backup services but this will be expensive due to the fact the hard drive may have a password on it. 


Do you mean BIOS password? If it's a BIOS issue, the HDD could boot from another unit possiblyl 

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