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RE: Problem with wireless adapter

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I recently purchase the Belkin wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network adapter for my son's desktop HP m8530f , runs vista.  Finally, aftecontacting Belkin tech support, got the device to install properly, at least it came up with successfully installed.  Problem:   the icon in the toolbar with the two comp monitors,  when hoovered over with the mouse says " the dependency service or group failed to start"  What would cause this issue and how can it be rectified?  Also...when trying to search for available connections, its say no are available.  We do have a laptop (in room next to desktop with issue)  that picks up the siganl no problem and a XBOX 360 that has XBOX Live adapter( clear across house& upstairs from router) a that picks up signal no problem.  Please advise on course of action.  My son really wnats to have this resolves since he received World of Warcraft and expansion for xmas.


Thanks in advance for your help

Sherrie N.


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Re: RE: Problem with wireless adapter

This could be a complex problem to fix here as it sounds as though you need a service enabled.  Which one, I wouldn't know without looking at your computer.  If you are tech savvy and understand what services are and where to look at the services running, check the services connected to wireless networking to see what dependencies are potentially not running.  Once you enable the dependencies, it should work just fine.  Just a guess based on your issue.