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RAM -- How do I check out much I have???

When I bought my eMachine T3265 desktop four years ago it came with 2GB of RAM.  How do I check to see how much memory I have now? 


I was told to do ctrl/alt/delete and look at the Performance Tab.  When I do that, it says "Physical Memory K" Total 458224.  Would that be my RAM and is that number low?  What should it be?


Would adding RAM to this existing number speed the performance of my PC? 



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Re: RAM -- How do I check out much I have???

click start, right click My Computer and select properties. It tells you how much ram you have.
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Re: RAM -- How do I check out much I have???

Ok, you may be mixing up ram and hard drive.


There is no way you bought a laptop with 2GB of ram 4 years ago.  an eMachines to boot.. no way.


Now, hard drive is what everything on your computer is stored on.  You can see how much of that is free by going to "my computer" and right click "C:/" and goto properties. As long as ~30% of it is free you should be running fine for hard drive space.


Memory is temporary storage when your computer is powered on.  it is only used when programs are open, more program open less memory you have free.  Your computer came with  512MB of memory.   When you went to see your physical memory, it should show how much is free.  If it looks like less than 100MB is consistantly remaining, it is ready to upgrade.  That can be upgraded by buying DDR memory which runs ~$60 per GB.   I would try and get it to 1GB for windows XP.   As soon as you restart your computer, it erases this memory and you start over again by loading programs into it. 

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Re: RAM -- How do I check out much I have???

try fresh ramit cleans up 'leaks' in your ram and restores clogged ram and such

it works good

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Re: RAM -- How do I check out much I have???

Win XP:

 Start, then Run, then type: dxdiag




Start, then type in search bar: dxdiag