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Questions about Galaxy tab S6 lite

Considering to buy a tab S6 lite for taking and organizing notes in uni. However, I am completely lost in technology, so I am looking for some answers priot to investing this amount of money into it. Sorry for my limited English.

One of the main questions I have is what device do I need to write on it? Is there a specific pen I need to use on the tablet? Is there a big difference between the pens? And do I need the partial finger glove (the one I have seen digital artists using) to write on the tablet? Also curious of any other information linked to digital note taking in general and tablets. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Questions about Galaxy tab S6 lite

According to Samsungs description the pen is included in the box.


Also it has up to 13 hours on a single charge but it depends on usage.


I saw the product description and it looks like a decent alternative to the iPad which is expensive



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