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Purchase new computer . . .

Since when did 'best buy" along with almost ALL other vendors just plain stop actually advertising what they are selling ? do they even know exactly WHAT is in these computers ?  i been looking to upgrade and turned to "best buy " yet again : ) and aside from processor and video card , THAT'S IT . looking at a best buy ad for most any desktop computers leaves you with MANY more questions than before you saw the ad even . with literally thousands if not tens of thousands of companies producing AIO water cooling , many of which can be considered 'bad" or even under recalls . when computer is listed at $2,700.00 with {processor] and [gpu] to see water cooled as ONLY indication is very disappointing . you can not help to leave ad these days with SO MANY wuestions it is easier to go elsewhere . basic "specs" are in fact listed but , water cooled, no motherboard listed ? name brand ?  if i was buying a CPU and GPU combo then FINE but seeling computers with absolutly no information linked to that dollar amount why bother ? i read your ad and i now have 50 questions most of which will be a "problem" to get answers to ? i don'y know about most of you but selling computers as if they was CPU/GPU combo deals anbd NOTHING more listed just is not going get me in that store . if "combo" deal was what i was looking for then that is what i would get INSTEAD of looking at actuall computers .

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Re: Purchase new computer . . .

Personaly I am very good at research and I have no problem finding specific information.


Most companies do not list specific specs in the Advertisments you are looking at.  They will list them in the actual product page rather than an Ad.


However, if you want to get up set you need to contact that manufacturers about it.  Best Buy does not generate product specifications they are all provided direct from the manufacturer. 


You sound like the kind of person who should be building their own computer from the ground up. 


And there are not tens of thousands of companies producing AIO water cooling there are actually about 8


Asetek, CoollT, Apaltek, Cooler Master, Swiftech, Alphacool, Could be DeepCool, Dynatron


And computer manufacturers probably won't include that info to retailers becuase it will most likely not be the same.


Even inside of the same exact model, the brand of components changes from time to time.

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