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Products tester ?

I would like to know more about this. Thanks for your time and have a blessed day.
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Re: Products tester ?

I don't think Best Buy uses product testers.  That is I dont' think they give you free products for testing them and giving a review.


A number of years ago I was a computer sales person.   A coworker and I both sent in applications to a several companies to be computer product testers.  We were both accepted, mostly based on the fact we sold computers.


There were a number of requirements to be a product tester that we both met. 

We had to have full time jobs and a credit card. If we didn't test the products to their satisifaction we could be charged for it. 


One was to test a new game controller. One of the requirements was to own a specific game.  We had to be Internet enabled and load an program on our computers that would track our use of the controller.   Once I hit a number of hours on the controller they sent me a review form.  I gave a very honest and complete review of the product.  They were impressed enough with me that the spread my name around and I was subsequently contacted by other computer accessory companies to test their products. 


It all came to an end about 18 months later when I tested a game pad. Similar to a Super Nintendo controller.  It was absolutely horrible.  I reviewed it after 35 hours of use and gave a complete and honest opinion.  Never heard from a company again to test more products. 


Before BETA was a thing I also tested a couple of games.  


Below is one of the controllers I tested.  I could not believe this didn't become the premier controller of iCapture.PNGts day. Probably the fact they wanted to retail it at $250 back in the mid 1990's kept ti from being popular. 

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