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Problems With Vista's Windows Explorer

Inspiron 1525

Vista Home Premium 32-bit 

1.73 ghz Intel Pentium Dual  2GB of RAM

Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

[Display adapter] (2x)
Generic PnP Monitor (15.4"vis)


 Lately my computer has been freezing alot. I ran a diagnostics test today and received an error code 2000-0142 Hard Drive 1 - self test unsuccessful Status:79. does anyone know what that means?


I turned off the user control as someone suggested me to and now it doesnt exactly freeze as it did before. But now, my window's explorer freezes everytime I move an item to another folder or I delete an item, so all i have to do is restart it to get it working again but it's just reoccuring and it gets annoying.


There are also times when i hibernate my computer but all it does is hibernate for a few seconds then automatically turn back on. If anyone knows anything, please help me! xD


I already tried system restore to where it didnt happen before. I also tried defrag, scanning for viruses, spybots, and adwares but still nothing changes.


One more thing! Is it normal for my screen to blink 2-3 times after start-up? It works perfectly fine after that though. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Problems With Vista's Windows Explorer

Hey roxfire08,


There are a few possibilities for your error:


Possibly, a new program you installed is conflicting with something else. Try uninstalling anything you may have installed recently and seeing if the problem persists.


It could also be that there was a bad Operating System installation. You may have to completely uninstall and reinstall your OS.


Or...your HD could be damaged. This is what most over-the-phone technicians will tell you and if the computer is still under warranty is usually the way most people go. 


Hope this helps.





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Re: Problems With Vista's Windows Explorer

I dont think its a new program.  But it could be the OS or hard drive thats damage, thx for the advice Bari, ill check if  it's either one of those two.
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Re: Problems With Vista's Windows Explorer

Code 79 is a SMART failure, it means your hard drive will fail very soon. You ought to backup your data (I recommend an external hard drive, they're faster and easier to use then DVD's) , determine whether you are still under a warranty and then contact tech support who will provide you with a new hard drive.