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Problem using my mechanical keyboard

Hi there,


I have a mechanical keyboard that has been working flawlessly so far, but then today this problem happened. For some reason, the number row (not the number keys on the right of the keyboard) start typing wrong numbers. For example, when I press 3, it enters 7. I tried to solve the problem by pressing ESC+FN, but that did not solve the problem. 


I tried to use the keyboard on another device, but the problem persists. It seems that the problem is in the keyboard software or hardware.


Please, if anyone knows how to solve this problem, post it here. Thank you!

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Re: Problem using my mechanical keyboard

I would suggest going into your computer settings and look for Keyboard and Language settings and making sure you still in the right layout. 


But if it did it on a second device (which would have been my first suggestion) then your keyboard may simply be broken. or perhaps someone dropped it or spilled liquid on the keypad.



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