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Printer saying "Offline"

My printer has been working fine for over a year, however about a month ago it started saying "Offline" when I would try and print anything. It was doing this whether I am connected wirelessly or if I plug in via USB. Some days it works, others it won't. Can anyone help me with how to fix it? It's getting quite annoying...

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

Is it going into power saving mode?

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

No, not that I can tell. The screen is on and ready, but in the queued document viewer it says offline. I've tried powering off and on but that didn't work either.

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Re: Printer saying "Offline"

Possible wireless culprit::
This may seem like a stupid question but I have witnessed this on my own printer at home (an HP 8600 AIO)

Did you recently get a new router that perhaps has dual bandwidth? One could be broadcasting at 2.4 and other at 5ghz. Many printers only read on the 2.4ghz connection.


Could you provide your printer model and manufacturer please
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