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Potential Computer Problems

Hello, I had just recently bought an asus rog zephyrus laptop last monday and have been experiencing some things I find concerning. Firstly, there is this very high pitched squeel coming from the computer when I turn it on. It is very faint but it is very annoying and is causing me headaches. Secondly, the computer is prone to overheating. I was downloading one extension and by the time I was done the computer was hot to the touch. I want to make sure that everything is ok and that if it needs to be fixed we can fix it.


Thanks in advanced.

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Re: Potential Computer Problems

Your best bet at this point may be to remove anything you have put on it and return it for an exchange.
As long as you are with in your return period.

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Re: Potential Computer Problems

Hi there, logankehoe1,


Both of these are excellent questions and in fact may be playing into one another. If there is an issue with the fan(s), that could explain why you would be experiencing overheating. 


That said, without more details, we wouldn't be able to diagnose the issues you may be facing. For example: The loud fan noise may be a standard noise for this laptop, or it may be an issue. It's likely something we would have to examine closer in-person. 


As you mentioned this purchase was made last Monday, you should still be within our Return & Exchange Promise. If you believe this laptop to have an issue, or be defective, we would encourage you to take advantage of our Return & Exchange Promise to see if an exchange would be applicable. 

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