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Picture Files

Alright here's the deal. I just got a new computer about two weeks ago. Geek Squad came and set everything up and all my files were transferred and everything. Soon after my brother downloaded a virus and Geek squad had to come back out. Basically they reinstalled the entire computer. It's working perfectly now, however, all of my files are gone. Now normally this would just be a "bummer" but all my pictures from the last 4 years (Prom, Weddings, Vacations, Graduation) are gone. Is there anyway I can retrieve them?
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Re: Picture Files

Geek Squad should have offered you data recovery options before they removed the virus. The chances of recovering your files does not seem good at this time.
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Re: Picture Files

How long ago was the wipe completed?  There are programs out there that can try and retrieve data after it has been deleted, but you might not get everything back.


Geeksquad should have explained that to you, before cleaning the hard drive and reinstalling windows.

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Re: Picture Files

google "data recovery" you can find a lot of softwares out there that can help you recover ur lost files due to reinstallation of operating systems.


even you can't find them in your system, there's still left of "residue" of the files left on ur hard drive. they can be easily recovered. those softwares costs around $30 or so. good luck


i am personally looking for one too so if u do find one, tried it out, and works perfectly, let me know.'


haha im too lazy to find it myself.