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I want to buy a lap top OR a note pad for my wife for Christmas. I have absolutly NO idea of the difference between them.She probaly use it for movies, LOTS of pictures and investigation for vacation places,(yellowstone, Alaska etc.) ,maybe some banking ,purchases from the internet like dogfood or

magizines. Anyway, I need help in knowing which one is best for the things we need to do. I'm told a minimum of 3 gb's  of memory is all I'd need. True ?

 Also, I want the one that will not give us any problems &  price is VERY IMPORTANT ( I'm on disability)

Also , how about the extended warranty, is THAT something I should consider? What IS the usual

warranty that comes with the laptop / notepad. Store bought versus on line purchase.

 Bottom line......I want what everyone else wants. Good merchandise, at a good price that will last and not give us any trouble with a store that STANDS BEHIND thier product.

 We are not very computer savy and would appreciate very much as much insight and help you could

afford me in sorting out these issues.


                                                  THANK YOU VERY MUCH,


                                                                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS


                                                                                    HAPPY HOLIDAYS



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Its too tedious to post all the info here , so take a look at BB's laptop buying guide yourself Smiley Happy



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