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New sound card

Hi, i am thinking to buy to buy a new sound card for my pc, because the old one is not working fine, so anyone has a good brand in mind?

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Re: New sound card

Not a question I have seen in a long time. Used to be a huge selection of sound cards in days past.  But so many computers are coming out with rock solid sound systems that the availability of good sound card options has declined a lot.


Instanly I would always recommend the Sound Blaster cards.  


However, Best Buy only has 2 choices and they are from Auss.  Which makes good quality components. 


And they only come in 2 form factors. PCI and PCI Express. 


The first thing you will need to determine is what kind of slot you have available on your computer.



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Re: New sound card

Do you really need high, fancy sounding audio or are you good with 2 speakers and a subwoofer? The answer lies in an inexpensive USB sound adapter that installs in seconds versus taking the machine apart and adding in a sound card. 

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