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New Windows 10 Pro will not autoplay

I have a two week old Dell desktop that will not run Autoplay at all.  Inserting a CD or DVD or media card or flash drive produces no results,   There is no on-screen notification for any media and I KNOW for a fact that the Autoplay is turned on.  My six month old Dell laptop also uses Windows 10 Pro and has the same settings for Autoplay that the new desktop does and all media inserted into the laptop works perfectly.  I have tried to solve the problem by searching online but no solution seems to help in my situation.


Thank you for any advice you can provide me. 

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Re: New Windows 10 Pro will not autoplay

Your computer should come with complimentary support via a technician for the first 30 days or so. At least that is what I understood in the past from HP and Dell. Have you tried Dell's Support commununity and chat to get this resolved? Due to forums terms and conditions I won't be able to post the links but your Dell Laptop should be equipped with a diagnostic tool that can help you troubleshoot this condition.


Usually you just click the start button and look under D for Dell in your programs and a support tool should be there.

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Re: New Windows 10 Pro will not autoplay

Good morning, Galvinpaul1718!


Thanks for reaching out about this fantastic question, and welcome to our online community! I have personally ran into something like this with an HP. Hockeycanuckjc brings up a great point in seeing if there's an answer either on Dell's forums or through the complimentary Dell support. Through that, they may be able to remote in and resolve the issue or give exact directions on how to fix it. 


If that doesn't work or you'd rather have someone help you out in person, you could also make an appointment at our local Geek Squad. If we can see it in person with you, we could test different variations of media and see if we can pinpoint the issue. If you'd like, I could also set that appointment up for you.


Please let me know what you think and we can go from there. Thanks again!







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