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New Palm TX problems, local Best Buy no help

I bought a Palm TX on the evening of 11-26-08 from the Springfield, IL. Best Buy.

Following the quick start instructions I plugged it in to the charger and UBS  port on my computer. Since it was getting late I decided to let it sit overnight to charge.

The next day, Thanksgiving morning, I discovered the Palm TX had turned itself on showing a full charge and part of the setup screen, half the screen was black and the other half had faded colors.

I tried to use what I could of the setup sequence to see if it would fix itself, it didn't.

I took it back to Best Buy today 11-28 and was told the screen appeared to have impact damage and they wouldn't exchange it. After 30 minutes of arguing with John the store manager I walked out with the non-working Palm TX.


Any suggestions on what to do? I'm stuck with a Palm TX that won't work, (maybe from shipping or packing damage?) and am out $345.00. Unfortunately cash and debit card.

Other than never stepping foot in another Best Buy and always using a credit card for protection does anyone have a suggestion.

PS. No dogs, cats or kids to damage it.

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Re: New Palm TX problems, local Best Buy no help

It should have some type of manufacters warranty, you should look into calling palm.