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New Monitor

I am looking for a new monitor for the office. I currently have three monitors running and am thinking about getting one larger one. I have several different programs running on each of the monitors. One is for our operating system, one for Microsoft outlook and one for our in house "filing" system called etfile. If I go to one large monitor would I be able to have each one open on the one screen at the same time. Would I need any additional software to make this work? I currently have 17" Dell monitors. I work with Excel a great deal and enlarging the spreadsheets in order to read them is getting more difficult to follow even with freezing panes. Is there any type of monitor on the market that will do what I am asking? Thanks for you help, Jean Humphrey
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Re: New Monitor



Your computer should be able to to operate on a single montior with no problem. If you disconnect the other monitors and plug in the new one it should automatically reconfigure to a single monitor.


However, my personaly recommendation would be to stick with your separate monitors.


When you try to display multiple open windows in the same monitor you may find  your self constantly repositioning the individual windows


Instead I would recommend getting two larger monitors and keep one of the 17". 


I also have 3 monitors on my desktop at work it  is it is a lot easier to dock you open programs in  their own monitor rather then constantly resizing your open programs.  


My third monitor is a 19" Dell and I dedicated it to Outlook.  I hear what your saying about Excel. I think a pair of 23" or larger monitors would work better for you than one single monitor.



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