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New Laptop Geeksquad damaged

I was wondering if anyone else had problems purchasing a computer the geeksquad had placed unwanted programs on.  We did and had to wait 4 hours for them to take them off, then they told us we had to install several updates but didn't tell us what or why they didn't do this.  When we got it home we noticed several scratches and nicks in the computer.  This was suppose to be brand new and I feel as though I was sold a used computer.  Has this happened to any one else and how do I find out what these updates are that we have to install.
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Re: New Laptop Geeksquad damaged

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Believe it or not a brand new computer should not need optimizing to begin with, those programs are easily uninstallable.


There is a utility on the internet called the PC DeCrapifier. Its purpose is to scan your computer for unwanted junk, and then give you the chance to remove it. After you pick your unwanted stuff off the computer, just click next, and it automates the junk removal process!


Heres the link if you are interested,



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Re: New Laptop Geeksquad damaged

I'm a big fan of optimizing.  All computer manufacturers get paid from 3rd party vendors to include software on their machines.  Every one of them, Dell, HP, Gateway, Acer, Lenovo, everyone (except Apple) includes some junkware.  All that stuff is running as soon as you turn the machine on.  Take it all off, it's all eating up resources!  Sometimes they'll include decent programs, like DVD burning programs, webcam stuff, etc. But mostly, it's trialware that you don't need or want.  And some of them leave traces even after you uninstall them (Norton is known for this, among others). 


Don't believe me?  Go to task manager in Windows, and start Googling all those processes that are running.  If it's a brand new machine, I'd bet there are 15-20 you don't need. The only time you don't need to optimize is if you're installing a new retail version of Windows on a computer. But when you buy a new one from a vendor, you're going to have stuff on it.  And the more stuff you install, the more you're going to have.  So you'll want to have it optimized periodically to keep up.


There are free programs like CCleaner that will allow you to remove things, but I don't recommend messing with startup and services items, or registry stuff, unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing.  That's what the opimization that Best Buy does is.

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Re: New Laptop Geeksquad damaged

I bought a laptop from best buy, they opened it and installed geek squad cr*p, when they repackged they discarded all the packing material, this really ticks me off because I bought this laptop as a gift. I opened it to check it once to make sure it's good and was going to seal it up, but when I opened it, to my amazment all the packaging material is discarded, laptop was just sitting in the box. How am gonna gift this laptop, when it looks like its been used.  Best buy just lost a customer.