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New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

I have seen many videos on youtube that the Newest 2018 Ipad pro breaks extremely easily. The screen can be easily cracked and the entire ipad pro can be easily bent with very minimal effort. I have heard that it is so fragile that some customers who have recieved their brand new ipad pros from the orignal box have seen it actually bent.. It has become a big deal where people have started the hastag #BENDGATE.. So my question is it really worth buying the new ipad pro if the chance of it breaking so easily is very high? Will a case even protect it? did the older ipad pro models fair any better?. Any thoughts and/or experience will be greatly appreciated as i feel it can help all of us. Thank you.

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Re: New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

Speaking for myself, I would, definitely, utilize a protective case if I were to purchase any expensive item such as an iPhone or iPad. I owned a Samsung Galaxy S4 and currently own a Galaxy S7 Edge. I use Otterbox cases and neither phone has sustained any damage despite an occasional drop to the floor. iPads will bend if forced. If treated properly, they should be fine for years to come. 

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Re: New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

Hello parta58,


You bring up some excellent points and I'm totally on board with you on them. It can be a cause for concern noting that some have posted on YouTube about bending iPad Pro's. They are a VERY expensive item. That said, while the iPad is only 5.9mm thick, which is insane, it is very durable for what it is. Any device with some persuasion will bend to an extent. I've noticed a lot of the videos (if not all) are showing them being purposely bent for the sake of showing what can be done. But that applies to just about any electronic you own. If you pressure it hard enough, especially along the middle, it will bend and possible snap. Because the iPad pro is intended to be an on-the-go device, I don't see this ever being an issue with normal use.


Would I suggest a case? Definitely. I suggest one for any electronic device that will see the outside world on a regular basis. But unless you plan to play some cricket or badminton with the new iPad Pro, I'd say don't worry about it one bit as it shouldn't be a prevalent issue with normal everyday use.


P.S. If you're looking for one, the 12.9" version has much better speakers!

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Re: New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

To me, they seem very fragile, it might survive a carpet drop, but that's about the extent of it. A case may or may not help, however, I think a screen tempered glass would. It's true that they bend pretty easy, due to weak points in the design and just how thin it really is. Not much structural integrity.