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Need more dedicated ram

How can I get more dedicated ram on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15-7000 series)? I am looking to play some games on steam (CSGO, Left 4 Dead, Payday2, etc...) and on the website , it says I only have 128.0 mb of dedicated ram, however for most games (In particular Payday 2), it requires 256 mb of dedicated ram. This is the case for almost every game I wish to play.

Thanks, John

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Re: Need more dedicated ram

You need to get a new Graphics Card for your laptop. Dedidcated RAM means the RAM that's built into your Graphics Card and not your system RAM When you buy sticks of RAM that's system RAM.

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Re: Need more dedicated ram

What the other person responded.


You will find that most laptops cannot or are difficult to upgrade.  Your laptop is probalby not designed to play most upper register games.


And in any event if your laptop can be upgraded you should have a professional do it for you.


As the other respondered said however. Your biggest restriction at this time is going to be your graphics card (also called GPU).  Your laptop probabaly has ingetrated graphics.  Nothing wrong with that but it is just not designed to play heavy graphics games.


If you want to get into playing games on Steam I would suggest looking to invest in a gaming computer.  You can get some decent gaming towers for a pretty ressonable price these days.  Gaming laptops are going to run more.


If you go to your local Best Buy and talk to an associate in the computer department and tell them you want a budget gaming tower they should be able to set you up.



Something like the HP Envy may be a good place to start.  Not a mega powerful high end gaming computer but with it's stats it would have been considered mind blowing 2or 3 years ago, but you will find it should be able to handle all current games,


  • Model: 750-140
  • SKU: 4587300

Keep in mind you would need to buy a separate monitor.

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Re: Need more dedicated ram

On my HP Pavillion dv7-3165dx I can play those games on low details with some nice performance. The bad news is the loading times are kind of awful but once the game loads its fine.

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