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Need help with my Chromebook

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Good day

I really need help with my chromebook, i can only browse as a guest. it also can not save files and it can not download apps. i really need solution to this issues. C423N is suppose to be a screen touch but mine is not. kindly respond to my request. i need help through this issues.


Thank you


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Re: Need help with my Chromebook

You may need to contact the manufacturer of the Chromebook in order to see about factory reset options. You can also go to a local Geek Squad desk at your local Best Buy and they can help you out.


Note if you have Total Tech, you should have an easier time getting help too. 

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Re: Need help with my Chromebook

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Hello, Oyins.

As hockeycanuckjc mentions, visiting Geek Squad at your local Best Buy is always an option.  I will be more than happy to get an appointment set up for you if you would like.

Please let me know if you would like assistance as I would be happy to help.  If you do want some assistance with setting this up, feel free to send a private message including your full name, email address, and phone number.  You should be able to send this message by using the blue button next to my signature.


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Re: Need help with my chromebook AsusC423N

Try pressing shift,ctrl,alt, r. At the log in screen and power wash.

Otherwise if you have another computer an a USB stick you can reinstall it's os. By holding power and refresh to boot it up