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Need help reformatting my Sony Vaio desktop

Hello forum members

My desktop is having some issues such as the services keep shutting down and not starting on their own. Everytime I turn on my compture I have to manuslly start the DCH client and Audio even thought they are suppsoed to come on during startup.


I would like to know if anyone remembers which F key can help reformat the hard drive. Mine is partitioned which is good becuase I can keep a lot of my stuff when I reformat.

My computer is a RZ54G bought in 2004 at Best Buy

Still running pretty good but recently had this problem and no one seems to know how to fix it.

All my Services are set to default so my guess is I may have some sort of virus or something funky with my files.


Any help with the reformat will be greatly appreciated.


Will buy my new computer is3-4 months!

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Re: Need help reformatting my Sony Vaio desktop

Refer to this document:


Apparently you need to create recovery CD's first, and then go from there.


That problem sounds like a registery program, however. I would suggest doing a rollback from a Windows Restore Point before the error started to happen, a virus sweep and updating drivers. Also a registery cleaner.  

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Re: Need help reformatting my Sony Vaio desktop

Thanks RedWyv3! I was looking for that link. Anyone know about the F key that will do the automatic recovery as well?