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Need Help with Scanner/Printer/Copier

I have a new HP Deskjet F4280.


Does anyone know how to adjust the dpi when scanning photos?


I have searched and searched and cannot find how to do it. Was online for one hour with HP tech and he finally said, "There is no dpi on this scanner."


However, the specifications clearly state Copy resolution up to 600 dpi in black.

I need to set it at 300 dpi.

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Re: Need Help with Scanner/Printer/Copier

you want to lower it?   "I need to set it at 300 dpi."
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Re: Need Help with Scanner/Printer/Copier

I don't even know what the default is.


All I know is that on my old Visioneer scanner, when I would scan a photo I would immediately be given the option of several dpi numbers and TIFF or Jpeg, etc. It was so easy to use but is not compatible with my brand new laptop.


On this new scanner there is only ppi, not dpi as a choice.


I have to scan my photos at 300 dpi TIFF. They are for a book.


Thank you for trying to help. This machine is very frustrating.

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Re: Need Help with Scanner/Printer/Copier

Hi ElvisMan!


I hope you found a resolution option.  To clarify, DPI (dots per inch) is a printer resolution term whereas PPI (pixels per inch) is a measurement of resolution for screens, digital cameras, and scanners. You can scan an original and then save it as an image using your scanner and HP Solution Center or HP Photosmart software. Make sure you are not scanning in "Text" mode, but "TIFF" mode after you change the default PPI setting for TIFF scanning in the advanced setup of the software. (NOTE: I am assuming you are using software, not using buttons on the scanner to initiate scanning. This is an important step to use the software. Also, I think the default for TIFF is already 300 ppi or higher resolution.) 


On HP website there are instructions for scanning with your  HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-One Printer.

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