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NS-15MS0832B insignis password

I purchased this tablet a few years back and never really used it but, i did set the password and now i cant remember the password and i tried to reset snd the window pop up said requires removable media such as a USB flash drive and ...please connect USB flash drive and try again.
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Re: NS-15MS0832B insignis password

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That tablet may be locked in a number of different ways, from a Microsoft account to a BIOS password. My best advice is to have Geek Squad get hands on with it for a free consultation. You can set up a reservation to visit here.


An Agent will check your tablet out and let you know what options there are for unlocking it.


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Re: NS-15MS0832B insignis password

Looks like an old windows 8 tablet. You can buy win 10 ones for probably less then geek squad can fix it.

You can try this.
Turn it on
When you see it booting up hold the power button down until it shuts off
Repeat procedure at least once more, might take a few tries, until you see it attempting repairs
Wait until it's done, goto advances, then recovery, then reset

If there is enough drive space it will reinstall windows and you will loose everything

If you attempt to refresh it instead from the same menu, if may show an email address. You might be able to use that on to reset the password also
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Re: NS-15MS0832B insignis password

Thank you. Ill give that a try and I never really used it so theres no information that I should be careful with. I just want it to reset my password, I can't even remember the password from the hint or even think of words to start with.
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Re: NS-15MS0832B insignis password

Thank you. Ill schedule the reservations after I try the suggested procedure to reset. Thank uou again got your response