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NS-15M0832 Fails to Boot



Upon boot (after logo) I get the following bluescreen:



Your PC needs to be repaired

Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information

File :\BCD

Error Code: 0x0000034


I figure the 2 ways I could fix this would be to 1) reset the device or 2) reinstall OS from Micro SD boot.


1)  Reset the device:  I have tried seemingly every button combo with Vol +/- and Power, but nothing gets me to the firmware.  Closest I get is a quick flast about the DNX Fast Loader waiting for a command but it quickly vanishes to the above bluescreen.

2)  Boot from Micro SD:  I have no idea how to get the device to read that drive on boot.  I have a bootable card in, but it won't read it.


Insignia Aupport told me to go to Geek Squad, but this device was given to me (used) and I have no idea of the purchaser name or date so warranty support isn't possible.  I'll throw it away before I spend $50 to get it fixed.





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Re: NS-15M0832 Fails to Boot

You will need to attach a keyboard with an OTG micro-USB cable and select F12 for the boot menu. then you can boot from the SD card as long as it is formatted as a UEFI boot device.