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My computer cannot start normally

At about July, I found that my laptop cannot start. When I clicked the power button, the screen was still black, so I sent my laptop to a store to fix it, they helped me to change a new main board. Now I find the same problem appears again, but only sometimes. Sometimes it can start normally and sometimes it cannot start, but after I shake it for a while, it begins to work again.

If I send my laptop to best buy to repair it, how much will it cost? Thank you very much.

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Re: My computer cannot start normally

The price it costs is determined by the issue. Warranty also affects the cost as well. If its not in warranty, and chances are the LCD panel is going kaput, it might be a better idea just to buy a new laptop altogether. Your local Best Buy Geek Squad group will usually charge a diagnostic fee to check for the issue. There may be other costs involved as well , so check before you bring it in.
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Re: My computer cannot start normally

Maybe its your hard drive, have someone check it run test.