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My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!


I bought a XPS M1330 at BestBuy in Sept 19, 08.(and of course it's XPS)

After that it happened to be the 'blue death screen' more than 5 times. I sent back to Best Buy and they ran a diagnostic. After 4 days, they said 'it was virus' and I have to pay $130 to remove the virus.

The problem is I have McAfee Antivirus and I'm pretty sure it's not the virus came in since I'd scanned this everyday.(and my university's firewall is quite reputable)

Then, The Geek Squad also suggested to reformat the laptop and I did! But the 'blue death screen' happened again twice after I reformatted. Of course, this confirmed it wasn't the virus.

I'm a student and I don't have big $$$ to put on this laptop anymore. And i never had this problem before with previous laptop NEC.


Can somebody advise me what protection I'm covered and can I returned/exchange this machine ?




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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

A virus? LOL thats funny because usually when I get a BSOD its probably from hardware issues.
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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

did u get the protection service plan?


if u did, go to another best buy and tell them u just reformat ur computer and do another diagnostic.


either u did or you didn't you can contact manufacture (dell) and tell them the issue. bad hard drive is covered by manufacture's warranty.


i heard from a lot of people that that's the same issues with the dell studio.

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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

You have exactly described what happened with two laptops purchased by acquaintances of mine.  BB refused to do anything.  You have no recourse except consumer protection, state attorney general, better business bureau, FTC, etc.
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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

any luck buddy?
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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

Dear U_hsen, (thanks for asking)

I've sent AGAIN my laptop to BB, after 3 days they claimed 'they were viruses cause my BSOD' 

I have to pay $130 to remove them.. Or to reformat them.

If the BSOD happen again in future, BB will diagnose again and again until they probably giveup then only BB will send to dell (manufacturer)


I have requested the diagnostics report, to confirm the BSOD cause by viruses, but they refused to share to me.

Everybody knows BSOD cause by the hardware, mostly by the memory.

But i dont have the "supporting evidence" to define to them. 

Within these 2 months, i've sent 2 times to BB. Now, mine XPS still laying there.

I'm really frustrated.

Can somebody from Best Buy  advise here please.. ???


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Re: My Best Buy Laptop is not BEST!

blue screen of death can be cause by several things:

hard drive failure, memory failure, virus in operating system files, and more


when you got a blue screen of death, next time that shows up, there's sometimes say "technical information" and blah blah blah blah. google that information up. sometimes they can tell you what exactly is wrong with it.


if you have restored your operating system several times already, and still getting "virus" that's causing blue screen of death, could be your RESTORE CD is F**K up.


ok that's one option, another one is:

1) reformat it AGAIN.

2) don't download anything, don't use bit torrent, dc-2


if u still get bsod and then do this:

buy this:


Model: WD2500BEVSRTL1 | SKU: 9024147

it's an internal hard drive for xps laptop (sata)

swipe it out, install ur restore cd of operation on it

if u don't get bsod anymore, that means u're previous hard drive is a bad hard drive.



or just send ur laptop straight to manufacture, don't go through geek squad. lets  see what dell says about it.