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Monitor Repair

Hi Guys,

So I have a Samsung S27C570H Monitor that i got from a friend. Great monitor but the only problem with it is that the Toggle on bottom of it is loose. It makes it very very very hard to turn the monitor on/off. Long story short wondering how much it would be to replace that?

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Re: Monitor Repair

The value of the monitor is pretty high as the dollar amounts I seen on how much it costs seem outrageous for a monitor. Then again everyone loves it.


My next question is , do you think it's worth the investment to fix something like that or are you wanting to take a chance and fix it yourself?



I heard Geek Squad does all kinds of repairs so it's best to call ahead or bring it into their store and see what it costs. You may be responsible for OEM parts which can pretty much get high in cost. And there is also Geek Squads labor charge for whatever time they need to repair it and so forth.

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Re: Monitor Repair

I would simply get an extension cord with a switch built in.  I use one for my Christmas Tree lights.


The one pictured below is only $10.  Thats a pretty good monitor but it may cost quite a bit to get that switch replaced.  


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