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Misbehaving Microsoft's wireless mouse

My mouse has started to act erratically, it jumps around the screen when I am trying to scroll or point on something,  Then when I try to zone in on an item the item seems to repel my pointer, and won't let me click on the item.  I can play scrabble on pogo, and the pointer only moves the letters around the board a few times.  I have a new battery in it, but it also happens with a corded optical mouse and the mouse pad on my laptop, which I am presently using.  Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?
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Re: Misbehaving Microsoft's wireless mouse



How many years or months have you owned the mouse?


If its getting old it might be misbehaving because of its age. If its not old but its newer, it might be failing.... If its newer, then you might want to contact Microsoft support for your warranty options. In this case i hope you saved your sales slip

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