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Microsoft Surface 4 Pro I5 126GB, RAM 4GB or 256GM, RAM 8GB???? Suggestions Please!!!!



I'm currently a undergraduate student looking to purchase a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro. I will use it mainly for taking notes and normal laptop functions such as; notes, PowerPoint, word, internet(multiple tabs/windows) and such. I've concluded that an I5 should fit my needs, but there's also multiple of I5 models. There’s a $400 price different between the 128GB, with a RAM of 4GB compared to the 256GB, with RAM 8GB. Considering it's such a big price difference I was wondering if it was worth it.


Would the RAM of 4GB fit the demand I will have on the device, or will it slowdown and having crashing issues? I currently have another tablet, not a Microsoft product, and I have issues with the apps shutting down on me and me losing the notes I have. I'm trying to get away from all of that trouble.


I've looked at many different reviews and they all seem to go back and forth. To clarify, I won't be using it for any gaming needs, Just for most of my school work. If I need to use some big program, I have a laptop I can use that. Besides big programs, I plan to use it for my daily needs as a college student, for all my classes, homework etc..


 I'm willing to spend the extra money if that's what I really need, but if the lower RAM will run great for my needs, I don't want to waste my money. I would really appreciate some input from people who have bought them, along with technicians which would know what would fit my needs.


Thank you very much!


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Re: Microsoft Surface 4 Pro I5 126GB, RAM 4GB or 256GM, RAM 8GB???? Suggestions Please!!!!

Hi rileighg –


The note taking and handwriting capabilities of the Surface Pro are something I really wish were around when I was in college. That said given the use case you described you’ll likely be near the edge of using 3- 4GB of RAM, depending on just how many tabs you plan on having open at once. Looking down the road of your college career it’s likely your RAM needs will increase as technology evolves, so I’d recommend getting the 8GB model to ensure you’re not hamstrung down the road.


Of course this is all speculative, and only you can really know what your true needs are. To find out for sure though I suggest replicating your expected usage scenario for the Surface on your existing machine. You can then open up the task manager, where it will tell you your current RAM usage under the Performance tab. If you’re close to or exceeding 4GB of RAM used, then you definitely should get the 8GB model. Feel free to post again if you have any other questions.


Best Wishes,

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Re: Microsoft Surface 4 Pro I5 126GB, RAM 4GB or 256GM, RAM 8GB???? Suggestions Please!!!!

My daughter is on her second MS Surface and really likes it. The Surface is designed for what you want it for. For most pusposes 4 GB of RAM is sufficient. Now I cannot attest to converting writing to text. But for everyday purposes such as not taking, social media, email, web browsing the MS Surface is a winner


In my mind however the bigger difference is not so much the RAM as the size of the storage capacity. 


From what I see on the MS web site the 128GB Surface has 102GB of memory free when new.  So you would want to consider any programs you intend to install.  


Most of your save files such as documents and such actually do not take up a lot of space.  Where people get encumbered is when they store music and photos.  On my laptop, which has a 128GB SSD, I only store the OS, MS Office and my saved documents and photos.  And it works really well for me.

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