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Hello, I am going to be going into college, and I would like to know which MacBook would be the best for me, and what the differences between the MacBooks are. I am interested in the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Only 8GB and 256 storage. I want to know if that will be enough to last me through college and be fast enough. I won’t be majoring in anything video or photo, but more like political science or biology. I am unsure if 8GB is enough, or if I should invest in a MacBook Air. That was my other question. What if the difference between the two computers, and which one is best for students?
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Re: MacBook

I would take a look at the Mac Book Air


It has up to 12 hours of battery life so it is very good with power management.  You should be able to go all day on a single charge for taking notes and working in various places around campus. 


8 GB of memory is suitable actually for most everything your going to do. 


The 256 GB SSD is going to be fast and good on power management.  As well as being able to store all your eText books and assignments. 


With this computer you won't be gaming or storing a lot of music, but that's what Spotify is for.  But it will be perfect for research, writing papers, social media, watching YouTube (streaming video does use more power BTW). 


With proper care of your device there is no reason why it should not last you through college 

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