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MacBook WARRANTY question...HELP.

ok heres the deal...before i started working at circit cityy (had to mispell on purpose lol) i really wanted a new macbook pro...the only place local (i thought) to purchase a mac was at the local best buy here in SPRINGFIELD , MISSOURI.  after choosing the one i wanted (MacBook Pro 17" Intel 2.5GHz 2GB RAM; this is the previous model of mac than the new body style) i was ready to purchase. SOOO after waiting at least 45 mins to finnaly get an employees attention long enough to get a freakin computer for me i was ready to buy.  my mother was making the purchase, and she decided to do the protection plan on it.  2 years i think...neway its been about 7 months since i got one and my screen flickers alot and im going to take it back to get it REPLACED because i can do that with my warranty....RIGHT?!? just making sure i can at no cost ANY CLUE??  ALSO, since there is a new style macbook pro, i was wondering if they might replace it with a comparable newer style of the pro books if it was UNFIXABLE....????


please respond with ANY info!!! Thank you all so much!!


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Re: MacBook WARRANTY question...HELP.

The laptop will need to be sent out to the service center.  They will repair any hardware issues for free.  It will take about 2 to 3 weeks until it is repaired and shipped back to the Best Buy store you checked it into. 


If the laptop could not be fixed, you would receive an exchange for the same amount you paid.

If there is a difference in another model you want, you would pay the difference.

Still, to determine if it could not be fixed, you would send it to their service center and wait to hear from them if they could not repair it. 



They will most likely be able to repair your screen, and you probably won't get a replacement.  But you won't have to pay a dime.