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MacBook Pro question





I got a some question the macbook i was thinking of buying.I was thinking of doing some amazon webservice and some xcode and android programming. What would be good to get the M! macbook with 8gb of ram would this be a prob. Or should go wiith better cpu and some 32gb of ram.


I not sure if i should upgrade from macbook pro i7 2.6 16gb 512 ssd 2018. is the i9 16' macbook pro a 2020 or 2019?


i hope someone can help me out.

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Re: MacBook Pro question

Hey there, CMP,


You've got some great questions! Let's start with the processor differences. 


The new M1 Chip MacBooks are fantastic and offer a lot of great benefits, especially around battery life! However, please do some research into all of the programs you intend to use, as not all programs can currently run natively with the M1 chips. If this is the case for you, we would advise going with the Intel chip. 


In regards to your needed ram and storage, that will also come down to your individual usage. Code itself is often very small and doesn't require much storage but things like video tutorials, many different programs, etc. begin to add up and may warrant more storage. 


Please let us know if you have any additional questions!  

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Re: MacBook Pro question

I was think go with the i9 2.3 MacBook Pro or i7 32ram 519 Ssd but. I be use android studio Xcode sketch for icons but I be doing some freelancing.


I have a MacBook i7 2.6 16gb of ram 512 ssd drive 2018 but not sure I should upgrade.