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Looking to upgrade need advice

For example if I trade on Kraken Pro with a Limit order: According to what rule, sequence and speed are the trades execuSo I use a Huawei mediapad m5 and recently my screen cracked after a drop, was looking into upgrading however it's a shame there aren't many 8.4" tablets as that's my preferred. I'm stuck on between either the Huawei matepad pro 10.8 (2021) or the galaxy tab s7 fe. They're both within my budget but don't know which is better for gaming overall. I would much more prefer a smaller tablet so I'm on the fence with the s7 fe since it's 12.4". I thought about a mediapad my turbo but it's outdated by quite a bit and is in similar in price to the matepad pro. Which would you get for gaming?

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Re: Looking to upgrade need advice

iPad is still your best bet for a tablet.


Don't know anyone who games on a tablet other than games that are available from the App store or Google play

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