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Lenovo X200 tablet SSD and Turbo memory conflict?

I really want to get this tablet, it looks real good all around. but there seems to be a problem with having a Solid State drive and the flash memory option. is this a port thing where they use the same port? or is it that it's not compatible?


either way is there a way around this?


can i get an after market mother board or something?



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Re: Lenovo X200 tablet SSD and Turbo memory conflict?

Welcome, ooslacker!

This is a curious question yet unanswered, so I thought I would inquire. Since I did not see a configuration for a memory card reader on the Lenovo website, I will assume you are referring to the “Turbo memory hard drive cache” which is an option on the more traditional hard disk drives (HDD) Lenovo offers? This memory cache is only helpful to boost access times on the base HDD options. Whereas, the solid state drives are already inherently fast and my experience with “disk encryption” drives would render the cache feature impractical. So, no, I would not recommend an aftermarket motherboard since the features may be contraindicated. Any other thoughts on this model? We do carry the Lenovo U Series on
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