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Lenovo Think Pad E560 15.6 Says it comes with Windows 7

I want to order the Lenovo Think Pad E560 because I can still get it with windows 7.  I saw someone in the Community say that theirs came with Windows 10.   How can I be sure I am getting it with Windows 7?

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Re: Lenovo Think Pad E560 15.6 Says it comes with Windows 7

Hi there fatladysings,


Don't start singing yet—I haven't even gotten started! Smiley Wink  All corny jokes aside, I pulled up the product information for the Lenovo ThinkPad E560 15.6 laptop you're interested in, and I do see on the initial search page that "Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10 for free" is called out as a feature.


Upon further research on the actual specifications page (linked above), the Operating System (OS) is listed as Windows 10.  This is also shown in the product features section found immediately under the item photos.  However, when I took a look at the Product Reviews, one customer said that they ordered this same laptop in September of this year and it had Windows 7 installed on it.  Quite honestly, I'm equally puzzled by this.


Since we don't really have a way to attain that laptop and open it up to verify the OS, my only suggestion would be to order the laptop and verify it upon receipt of the product.  Based on the customer reviews, it would seem that the initial description on the search page (comes with Windows 7 with a free Windows 10 upgrade) is the accurate information here, but again I can't really say for sure.  Remember that if you're not satisfied with what you find when you open the laptop, you can return the laptop to one of our stores or by mail and exchange it for something different.


I would also suggest checking out some of the other Windows 7 PC Laptops we offer on as well!


I'm sorry I can't offer you a more concrete answer.  Please feel free to post again if you have any other questions or concerns.  I'm curious to see what your findings will be should you choose to purchase this laptop.

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Re: Lenovo Think Pad E560 15.6 Says it comes with Windows 7

Sam15, I saw that someone said they had received Windows 7,  also.  I didn't want to do what you suggested and receive it and then see which operating system it has.  My second choice could be gone.  I went ahead and ordered the second choice but would have much rather had the Lenovo Think Pad E560.    If I order the Lenovo, too, do you think they will open it up and try it right there to see which operating system it has?  I thought about doing that but didn't want the employees to be torqued.   

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Re: Lenovo Think Pad E560 15.6 Says it comes with Windows 7

You will need to purchase the unit first and test it out. Best Buy would not be able to open new merchandise and test as opened merchandise would be considered used and they would have to resell at a slight loss when they offer open box items. 


You have until January I believe to return something if you're not satisfied with your purchase. 


Also, many stores will have units on display so you can check and verify before you purchase. 

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