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Laptop won't start

I have a Toshiba M35X-S149, when I try to start it the blue power light comes on, then the fan starts (runs aprox. 4 sec.). Then nothing, the light that indicates the HD does not come on. Let me explain more, when the problem first started the computer would start up normally and after so long (2-6 hrs) it would freeze up. As time went on the problem got progressively worse. At one point it would start up and the Toshiba emblem would come and run all the way to the welcome screen and then shut down, however at this point the light that indicates the HD is running would glow steady? But, anyway at this point all I have is a blue power light and the fan, that's it. Please Help....Smiley Indifferent
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Re: Laptop won't start

It can be a variety of things... 1st IF you can even run your computer long enough, run spyware checks, virus checks, etc etc. Clean out anything you don't need. If it still doesn't work or if you can't get it to start up, put in the backup disc that should come with the computer. This will erase EVERYTHING in your hard drive and make it new again like when you first got the computer. Hopefully you can transfer the things you want to keep onto a flash drive or another hard drive. If the disc doesn't even run or it doesn't work than it can mean that your hard drive is crapping out. You need to replace your hard drive. Since this is a laptop, it's harder to take apart and change things. You can go to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to let them do it but it'll cost you more $$. If you do it yourself, the new hard drive should come with instructions on how to transfer your OS or old files over [I think]. Or go ask the Geek Squad on how to go about doing it. ALSO, note that since it's a laptop... lots of dust can get into it and cause it to be slow... I suggest you take it apart and use 1 of those air dusters to clean out all the dust and crap in your computer and see if it works any better. If not then proceed to changing your hard drive. Although I'm not 100% sure if it's your hard drive... you should go to the Geek Squad to ask for other options or opinions on what it could be.
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Re: Laptop won't start

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Oh no, dr19r59m!

I know how this feels: I was severely frustrated and panicking when my laptop did something similar last spring. There are many variables and most cases like this end up needing repair due to hard drive, motherboard, or other hardware failure. Since many manufacturer warranties are voided by opening your laptop you should consider having a manufacturer authorized repair center diagnose your laptop. If you are out of warranty, you may carefully try a few things before taking it into your local Geek Squad® or contacting your manufacturer.

  1. Avoid the number one cause of overheating: dust. If your computer is overheating and not getting enough air flow to cool down then it will protect itself by not booting. Turn off and unplug the computer. Use canned air, or an air compressor, to carefully blow out the fans and vents on the underside or sides of your laptop. Then, retest by rebooting the unit.
  2. Remove the battery. See if your laptop will turn on without the battery while running on the power cord. This would indicate an insufficient battery charge or indicate a faulty battery. Most laptops allow you to eject the battery using the small sliding latch on the underside.
  3. Sometimes hardware “creep” can prevent your computer from starting. This is a condition when your RAM (Random Access Memory) or Hard Drive has gradually and slightly become dislodged from the slot into which it is seated. Again, be very mindful of your warranty before you open anything on your laptop. If you are unsure of how to fix this, then you need help from a professional. They can reinsert your hard drive or RAM and thoroughly test the hardware.

I hope this helps! If you are too busy or are unsure how to perform these tips, or if you find that none of these tips helped fix your issue – then you will still need a professional to help you with repairs. Contact your manufacturer or call 1-800-GeekSquad (800-433-5778 or visit to find your nearest location.
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