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Laptop won’t allow me to logon

I have an old laptop and I updated Windows (I shouldn’t have because laptop should have d*ed years ago, but is still running on power plug with battery removed).

Anyway, since the update (don’t know if it worked) it keeps freezing when I try to logon.

It shows the logon screen, but before I can press anything the screen goes black likes it’s off. I have to wait awhile before I can try again, but the same thing happens again.

I have tried to power it off numerous times since I can’t do anything. I don’t think it’s powering off fully (update: hmm there’s one little green light and a flashing little red light). It use to show an orange light when it was off, but now it goes from little green lights to one green light. The lights are on the side of the laptop and NOT on the screen.

Is there anything I can do?

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Re: Laptop won’t allow me to logon

Define 'old'.. 8 years is about max for windows 10.' check the manufacturers website for bios updates that you can possibly do from a USB stick. Could be bad hard drive, unsupported hardware, pretty much anything. You could make an appointment with geek squad, but it's it's over 5 years old it's probably not worth it.
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Re: Laptop won’t allow me to logon

If you could give the model of laptop it would be helpful. I've seen lots of cases where older systems with bad batteries, it simply won't work because of a flaw in the circuitry of the system and how it detects the battery. Yes, removing it can help in this matter but in the end if you've troubleshoot everything on your end and its still developing issues, you may need a new one.


What are the needs of your computing experience? If you don't need much you could get a very basic model to complete your tasks and Geek Squad can help you retrieve the data off your old drive for a fee.

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