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Laptop sold out online

Hello I am interested in picking up the MSI GT72VR448 laptop SKU: 5727905 but it is says sold out online. Is there any way to find out when it will be available for ordering. I see it is listed as a new item so I hope there will be more in stock soon. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Re: Laptop sold out online

Personally I am on my second MSI Gaming Laptop.  Absolutly love it. 


The one I am typing on right now was a similar situation to the one you want.  I picked out 3 that I wanted and just had to keep checking.  I acutally checked many times a day. then one time the one I am on was available.


I don't think any of the moderators will be able to tell you when it will be available again. 


It is my thought that becuase of the price point of the better gaming computers that stock flows slowly.


The one you have selected is most certainly a powerful beast. Mine will be three years old this summer and it still runs all the new games very very well.  I am considering a new one this summer and I have my eye on one of the 18" models.


Anyway just keep cheking. It is not worth it to take a lesser brand just becuase you can get it right away.


However, the NEW part of it probalby means they are coming and they only received the specs and not the actual machines. 


If you have never had a SSD your going to love it.  I can hit the powe button on mine and in 10 seconds (including adding the password) I am up and running.

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