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Laptop screen broken

In desperate need of help. I have an HP laptop, I didn't buy it from bestbuy, I got it from QVC. I recently noticed the screen is displaying a white box with different color lines in the corner of my screen. When I apply slight pressure it goes away, but as soon as I let go, it's back. I'm assuming this is a problem with the screen (not a tech genius so bare with me please lol). Does anyone think Best Buy will be able to fix this? If so, how much will I have to pay?
Thank you for your help!
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Re: Laptop screen broken

Depending on what model and how much you paid for the laptop it may be more economical to purchase a new laptop. 


You would have to bring it in to Geek Squad and the person at the counter should be able to give you an estimate.


If it is just the dispaly that is at issue it should not be to much to replace it.  Then again depending on the model you have.



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Re: Laptop screen broken

How much is the value of your laptop? If it's 3/4th the amount of a new one, consider writing off your unit as a loss and purchasing a new one. There was a rep on here named @SoMeAm-HP that participates in these discussions, she may be also able to give you a quote depending on what model you have.


If you are considering using the laptop at home and not taking it on the go, a solution would be to convert the laptop to a desktop by purchasing a monitor, USB Keyboard and USB Mouse. That would be a minimal cost of perhaps $200. Then again you can also buy brand new laptops for under $200 from the sales I've seen happening through the Best Buy flash sales and on regular sales in the weekly ad. 

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