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Laptop repair for razer laptop

I have a razer laptop and I’m wondering if they can replace my razer laptop touchscreen lcd screen and would it cost to just show It to them?
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Re: Laptop repair for razer laptop

Also the estimated price of the repair it’s cracked it still works just the touchscreen aspect doesn’t?
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Re: Laptop repair for razer laptop

You can go here to get started.


Schedule an appointment


The first step to getting it looked at will be scheduling the appointment.  A qualified estimate will not be possible via the forum. 


It will run you through a few diagnostic questions and eventually allow you to schedul an appointment to bring in your laptop.


Did you purchase the extended service plan?  If yes at the appontment they will check it out and send it off for repairs.

I would strongly recommend backing up and or removing any personal documents you don't want to risk losing.  If you have the service plan and they cannnot repair they will contact you regarding options.


If you do not have the service plan, I would still back up all your documents first.  Replacment of a touch screen may cost many hundreds of dollars.  I believe the cost of getting it sent in for analysis without the plan will start off around $100 minimum.  However, that would apply to any repairs.

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Re: Laptop repair for razer laptop

Hi there, Lalasusi,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community!


As someone who uses my touchscreen laptop almost daily, I can understand why that aspect no longer working on your laptop would be less than ideal. We appreciate you reaching out to us discover your options for getting that fixed.


Super user, Bobberuci, is correct that replacing the screen can sometimes be hundreds of dollars. However, we wouldn't be able to provide a better estimate until looking at the laptop and assessing what needs to be done for repairs. If that's something you would like to do, please schedule an appointment with your local store on our site here.





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