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Laptop for photographer

I am looking for recommendations on a good laptop for startup photography business.
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Re: Laptop for photographer

I would think becaus of the potential graphic and memory requirements of advanced photo editing you would want something a litttle more robust than what would be required for generic office use.


Then it would be a matter of how large of a screen you would like to have. 


Here are some I would recommend based on perromance you might require.  What makes these better for you is that they have good procesors, Significant amount of memory, large storage capacity (for storing a lot of RAW image files) and dedicated graphics cards.  The graphcis card and memory will work very well with your photo editing software and allow you to work without a lot of computer lag


15" Dell


17" MSI

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Re: Laptop for photographer


  • if you want performance.... considering a gaming machine to inhale those images.
  • if you plan to have your laptop on the go... consider an ultrabook with lots of battery life.  Also pay attention to hard drive space if you plan to be shooting like Randall Higgins.  Hmm.... you may need two laptops.
  • have you considered adding a 4K external monitor?  Makes your job quicker and easier editing your images.
  • Color should be important.... you might want to research calibration tools.