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Laptop for college students

I am currently looking for a new laptop to use for college.  I mainly need it for typing notes and essays, using the internet.  What is the best laptop for my use and econimcal. 


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Re: Laptop for college students

I would think you would want something that is lightweight and portable with a longer battery life.  To that end Best Buy has a lot of great laptops of this nature.


One thing to be aware of is your more portable longer battery models are not going to have a CD/DVD Drive. But you can get most of your software via download anyway. 

I would also suggest a Windows based machine so you have a more expanded suite of software available.


The MIcrosoft Surface is a great all around machine for what you want to do with it but unfortunatly they are a bit pricey


There are a lot more options available for order from Best Buy than they carry on display.  I would recommend any of hte HP or Dell Laptops.  


The HP Stream may be a good choice, but to me they are really more geared towards light internet use and email. They have smaller storage capabilities but very good battery run time.


Both linked below could be good for you


Dell Inspiron

HP Laptop

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Re: Laptop for college students


  • you didn't indicate a budget... I love unlimited budgets
  • get a small screen if you want portability and long battery life
  • get a big screen for readability
  • what's changed in recent years are "ultrabooks".  Batteries that can last several hours, especially when the processor is tuned down and screen is dimmed