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Laptop cooling kit

I need one due to my video card overheating... Does bestbuy sell this cooling kits??


Laptop is like 17 Inch if that helps in anyway..

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Re: Laptop cooling kit

Hi mlgposer,


There are several cooling fans that run on USB and sit underneath your computer.  These can be found on and click here for examples (link is temporary). Even if your laptop is a bit larger than these 15 inch models they will still cool.


Please remember that overheating can indicate a more systemic problem, much like a fever is a sign of a person's becoming ill.  Use canned air to remove dust from all fan intake and exhausts found underneath and/or the back/sides of your laptop.  Sometimes simply propping up the back side is enough to cool it down and always use your laptop on a hard surface to maintain airflow. That is right, your bed, couch, pillow, carpet, favorite afghan, or your lap are not ideal places to put your laptop. OR, get one of these lapdesks!

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Re: Laptop cooling kit

Also, flat wooden surfaces are not reccomended due to the heat they absorb.
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Re: Laptop cooling kit

i have the targus ones. they help a lot. or just place ur laptop on the AC vent. if urs is on the ground not on the ceiling